Our Features

An easy-to-use, cloud-based CRM, Custvisor is 100% adjustable to boost your sales and business processes. It’s everything you’ll need.

A comprehensive view of all your clients

  • 360-degree view
  • Ability to view the financial statements of your ERP system
  • View locations on the map (integration with Google Maps)

Custvisor gives you a 360-degree view of your customers and a review of all your sales activities in one place. For each client, you can track all the essential information that you have recorded. With all the necessary information at hand, your staff can establish excellent business relationships with customers.


Support For Your Sales Teams/ Sales Operations

Custvisor helps you manage the sales process from when you first make contact with the customer to the final purchase. At any time, you have a complete overview of all your sales opportunities. Your sales process can be partially automated: some activities can be set to complete and be executed automatically.

  • Flexible sales process
  • Automaticly create sales activities
  • Filtering opportunities through various criteria

Bulk Email and Marketing Automation Software

Custvisor supports several marketing programs for mass communication with your contacts and marketing automation. Communication with mass email programs (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor) is bidirectional, so you can also follow the results of the statistics campaign in Custvisor. Custvisor is also compatible with several marketing automation systems to allow for more detailed monitoring of potential customers and marketing automation (Net Results, Sales Manago, Intercom, Slack, etc.).

  • Setup connection lists (fragmentation, filtering)
  • Integrate different systems
  • Campaign statistics located on the Contacts tab


Organize the Sales Team using the Calendar

Custvisor Calendar allows you to control various activities for you and your associates. It offers much more than just a standard calendar: you can monitor different types of events, which you can link with your clients: meetings, calls, tasks, services, etc.

You can view the schedules of several employees at the same time, allowing you to effectively supervise your sales team and identify any free periods they share in common.

  • Integration with iOS and Android mobile phones
  • Potential integration with other calendars (Outlook, Google)
  • SMS messages and email reminders for important activities.




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